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Stepan Artemyev
Stepan Artemyev

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When a student just fails to pass the exam in a subject, we at TGirls college send her off to another school. We believe that a new school, new classmates, new teachers, and most of all new cocks give the student a second chance to learn. And being her last chance, the cocks in our student's ass won't give her any respite, they'll fuck her in the ass mercilessly until our student has learned her lesson. And now it's the turn of the student Emma Rose, she tried in every way to pass the chemistry exam, but she just couldn't, and now Professor Navarro's big cock will mercilessly destroy her tight little ass in a indefinite number of private lessons after school and obviously also in all the regular lessons with her classmates watching her. And as you can see in student Rose's eyes, Professor Navarro is not the type to waste time on kindness or foreplay, he breaks and fucks our student's ass focusing only on her education. And we are sure that when our student returns she will have no problem passing the chemistry exam, although she will probably do it standing up, because Professor...

young ladyboy exam pic

Small, cute, thin, without boobs, completely without boobs, just a perfectly flat chest, with the two smallest and nicest nipples you've ever seen. And a cock, not too big, but long and thin when fully erect. And a small and tight asshole, so small and tight that it seems almost impossible to open enough to let a cock in. And two beautiful and penetrating eyes that remove any doubt, that small and tight asshole loves cocks and loves to be dilated, stretched, enlarged and fucked by big cocks. There is no doubt this beautiful little ladyboy wants you to fuck her.

Little ladyboys have something special, right? It is difficult to say what, maybe their boobs, always so round, or their smile, always so enigmatic and excited. Or maybe their cock, that cock that is always a surprise, there is no way to understand just looking at it if a ladyboy has a tiny or gigantic cock, and you never know what to expect. Or maybe their ass, or rather their asshole, always so round, soft and perfect, impossible to resist the desire to stick a finger, a tongue, or a cock inside it. Or maybe their balls, which even when they are small manage to produce immense quantities of delicious sperm. Or maybe it's the way they look at you while they ejaculate, almost a defiant look, as if to say: envious? You try to make so much sperm. Nobody knows, what we know is that they are really special, and fuck, how much they make us want to fuck them...

Our agency offers you a team of beautiful TGirl babysitters, who will lovingly and professionally take care of your children, and when the children are in bed and you will go home they will offer you our special package, tits, mouth, cock and ass. No other agency can offer you such a rich package, all our babysitters are young, cute, sluts, cock hungry, eager to get fucked in the ass, with a nice hard cock to be able to play both the passive and the active role, they know how to handle a cock and are experts in sex, positions and pleasure. And with a little extra you can try the special services that only our agency offers, such as vertical 69 or the squeezing of the penis inside the anus of our babysitters to make you ejaculate much more than usual. So don't waste any more time and contact our TGirls babysitting agency now. P.S. We don't care if you don't have kids.

My man calls me Milk, and he milks me. Yes he likes to milk me, milk my beautiful and soft tits, squeezes my nipples hard hard, pulls and squeezes, and if not milk from my tits and nipples, he milks my cock, he massages my balls and masturbates hard hard to get everything out my milk. And when my milk is finished he continues to milk because he says that a good cow makes so much more milk, and then he breaks my ass because he says that you always have to make bull mount cow to make more milk and fuck hard hard and he shoots all his milk inside me ass, then milk Milk's cock again for more milk. Milk a little sad because I always have little milk and my man is not happy, but Milk is also happy because my man fucks hard hard and gives blowjobs, masturbates and fucks in the ass, so handsome, Milk is really a happy ladyboy cow.

My father took a new wife, young, cute and with a cock. And I'm afraid that passion for girls with cock is a family vice, because since she started walking around the house, I can't take my eyes off her, I don't know why, I don't know what it is, but since when I surprised her in the bathroom while peeing on her feet, something clicked in me, something has changed and now the only thing I think about is her. And luckily for me, I found out that my father's new wife is a slut, who doesn't mind being fucked even by his son without her husband's knowledge. As soon as my father goes to work and leaves us alone in the house, we start fucking and we continue to fuck her beautiful little, warm and soft asshole all day long. We really can't stop fucking her beautiful ass, we can't think of anything else and we don't do anything else, at least until my father comes home, at that point I close myself in my room and masturbate thinking about her and she gets fucked in the ass by my father all night long. Things are going well, we are all happy and my father does not suspect anything, I just... 041b061a72


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