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Stepan Artemyev
Stepan Artemyev

FULL Lazesoft Disk Image And Clone Unlimited 3.5.1 Boot CD

thanks to all, it was the problem with the not bootable drives not the image and clone program. i moved on to a simple fast free bootable image to image transfer, now it works flawlessly and so inexpensive. thank you for saving me so much $. i have 5 machines to recover, im only at 1/2 the way through. but im impressed with it and i have never seen a bootable image, boot disk and tool that is free and like aomei tool, so easy to use. is a shame you cant add the features like the plus version did, but in my opinion, this software will serve me for a long time, with the image and cloning capabilities.

FULL Lazesoft Disk Image And Clone Unlimited 3.5.1 Boot CD


winpe followed by mini windows and everything still worked fine. i ran the new version of aomei backupper instead of win pe. i loved the desktop interface and had backslash and slash operating. i was able to access the drive with the recovery disk to recovery it. i also had winpe working with a dvd backup and recovery cd. works with winpe as well, it was all i needed. make sure you have the exact disc you purchased with the version that works with windows!

thank you. i will not be buying lazesoft any time soon and be a customer. what i need is an imaging solution that is fast, reliable, easy to use and have some intelligence so it knows when you need to save a previous image, if you have a disk that is the same sector size as the current drive being installed. quite simply, the greatest imaging solution is a c2d processor with the ability to read, write, and copy in a relative move, to a 3rd and 4th drive. while on the server side, a software configurator that is more than a simple two text box, two text boxes and a check box. there are more than just a few functions that are missing in the imaging software today.


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