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The Dark and Twisted Secrets of Gengoroh Tagame's House of Brutes Vol 3

Gengoroh Tagame House of Brutes Vol 3: A Review

If you are a fan of erotic manga, you have probably heard of Gengoroh Tagame, one of the most famous and influential artists in the genre. His work is known for its graphic depiction of gay sex, often involving bondage, torture, and humiliation. His latest series, House of Brutes, is no exception. In this review, we will take a closer look at the third and final volume of House of Brutes, which was published in French by Dynamite in January 2023. We will examine the art style, the themes, the reception, and the impact of this controversial and groundbreaking work.

gengoroh tagame house of brutes vol 3


Who is Gengoroh Tagame?

Gengoroh Tagame was born in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan. He started drawing manga when he was a teenager, inspired by his father's collection of erotic magazines. He studied graphic design at Tama Art University and worked as an art director for various magazines before becoming a full-time manga artist in 1994. He has published over 40 books and hundreds of short stories, mostly in gay magazines such as G-men and Badi. He is also an avid collector and researcher of gay art and culture, especially from the pre-war era.

What is House of Brutes?

House of Brutes is a series of three volumes that tell the story of Torazou Koga, a young man who inherits a mansion from his estranged grandfather. However, he soon discovers that the mansion is inhabited by a clan of brutish men who serve his grandfather's twisted desires. Torazou becomes their prisoner and their toy, subjected to various forms of abuse and degradation. He also learns about the dark secrets and scandals that haunt his family history.

What is the plot of House of Brutes Vol 3?

In the third volume, Torazou's ordeal reaches its climax. His grandfather is dead, and the clan is dispersed. Torazou is left mute by the torture he endured, and becomes the servant of the former housekeepers. He is humiliated, renamed, and abused again. And then, like a light at the end of the tunnel, he meets his son, whom he had forgotten - the son that the clan forced him to father with his first wife. But is this a chance for redemption, or another trap in a relentless sadomasochistic machine, designed to break Torazou?

The Art Style of Gengoroh Tagame

The influence of Tom of Finland

One of the most obvious influences on Tagame's art style is Tom of Finland, the legendary Finnish artist who created iconic images of muscular and masculine gay men in leather and uniforms. Tagame has acknowledged his admiration for Tom of Finland, and even visited his home in Helsinki in 2014. Like Tom of Finland, Tagame draws his characters with exaggerated proportions, especially their genitals, muscles, and facial features. He also uses similar poses and scenarios, such as bikers, sailors, soldiers, and policemen.

The realism and detail of Tagame's drawings

However, Tagame's art style is not just a copy of Tom of Finland's. Tagame adds his own touch of realism and detail to his drawings, making them more vivid and expressive. He pays attention to the textures and patterns of clothing, skin, hair, and backgrounds. He also depicts the physical effects of pain, pleasure, fear, and anger on his characters' bodies and faces. He uses anatomical accuracy and perspective to create a sense of depth and movement. He also adds elements of Japanese culture and history to his settings and costumes.

The use of contrast and shading

Another distinctive feature of Tagame's art style is his use of contrast and shading. He often uses black-and-white or monochrome colors, with occasional splashes of red or other bright colors. He also uses different levels of darkness and lightness to create a dramatic atmosphere and mood. He uses shadows and highlights to emphasize the curves and contours of his characters' muscles and flesh. He also uses cross-hatching and stippling to create texture and depth.

The Themes of House of Brutes Vol 3

The exploration of sadomasochism and power dynamics

One of the main themes of House of Brutes Vol 3 is the exploration of sadomasochism and power dynamics. The story shows how Torazou is subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture by his captors, who derive pleasure from inflicting pain and humiliation on him. The story also shows how Torazou develops a complex relationship with his tormentors, sometimes resisting, sometimes submitting, sometimes enjoying, sometimes hating them. The story raises questions about consent, coercion, freedom, and identity in the context of extreme sexual practices.

The representation of homosexuality and masculinity

Another theme of House of Brutes Vol 3 is the representation of homosexuality and masculinity. The story portrays a world where gay men are dominant and heterosexual men are submissive. The story challenges the stereotypes and norms that associate homosexuality with femininity and weakness, and heterosexuality with masculinity and strength. The story also explores the diversity and fluidity of sexual orientation and gender expression among its characters, who display different degrees of masculinity, femininity, dominance, submission, attraction, and repulsion.

The critique of patriarchy and family values

A third theme of House of Brutes Vol 3 is the critique of patriarchy and family values. The story exposes the corruption and hypocrisy that lie behind the facade of a wealthy and respectable family. The story reveals how the grandfather used his power and money to exploit and abuse his sons, wives, servants, and guests. The story also shows how the family's legacy is tainted by incest, rape, murder, betrayal, and greed. The story questions the validity and morality of traditional notions of family honor, loyalty, duty, and inheritance.

The Reception and Impact of House of Brutes Vol 3

The awards and recognition for House of Brutes

House of Brutes Vol 3 received critical acclaim from both fans and critics. It won the Prix Sade BD 2022 for the best erotic comic book series in France. It was also nominated for several other awards in Japan and abroad. It was praised for its artistic quality, its originality, its boldness, its depth, its humor, its emotion.

The controversy and censorship of Tagame's work

However, House of Brutes Vol 3 also faced controversy and censorship from some quarters. It was banned or restricted in some countries for its explicit content and its violation of moral standards. It was criticized for its depiction The controversy and censorship of Tagame's work

However, House of Brutes Vol 3 also faced controversy and censorship from some quarters. It was banned or restricted in some countries for its explicit content and its violation of moral standards. It was criticized for its depiction of violence, rape, incest, and pedophilia, as well as its negative portrayal of Japanese culture and family values. Some readers also found it too disturbing and depressing to enjoy. Tagame himself has admitted that he sometimes self-censors his work to avoid legal troubles or social backlash. He has also expressed his frustration with the lack of freedom and diversity in the mainstream manga industry.

The influence and inspiration of Tagame's work

Despite the controversy and censorship, House of Brutes Vol 3 also had a positive impact on many readers and creators. It inspired and empowered many gay men who identified with Tagame's characters and themes. It also challenged and educated many heterosexual readers who were exposed to a different perspective and reality. It also influenced and inspired many other manga artists who admired Tagame's skill and vision. Some of them include Jiraiya, Gai Mizuki, Takeshi Matsu, Inu Yoshi, Kumada Poohsuke, and Mentaiko Itto.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, House of Brutes Vol 3 is a remarkable work of art that showcases the talent and courage of Gengoroh Tagame. It is a stunning finale to a series that explores the dark and complex aspects of human sexuality and psychology. It is a masterpiece of erotic manga that combines realistic and detailed art with provocative and profound themes. It is a controversial and influential work that challenges and inspires readers and creators alike.

Recommendation and rating

I highly recommend House of Brutes Vol 3 to anyone who is interested in gay manga, erotic art, or Japanese culture. However, I also warn potential readers that this work is not for the faint-hearted or the easily offended. It contains graphic scenes of sex, violence, and abuse that may shock or disturb some people. It also deals with sensitive issues such as family dysfunction, social oppression, and personal trauma that may trigger some emotions. Therefore, I advise readers to exercise caution and discretion when reading this work.

I give House of Brutes Vol 3 a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I think it is an excellent work that deserves recognition and respect. I think it is a work that pushes the boundaries of manga and art in general. I think it is a work that reflects the passion and vision of Gengoroh Tagame.


Where can I buy House of Brutes Vol 3?

You can buy House of Brutes Vol 3 online from various websites such as Amazon or Book Depository. You can also buy it from physical bookstores that specialize in manga or erotica. However, you may need to check the availability and legality of this work in your country before buying it.

Is House of Brutes Vol 3 suitable for all audiences?

No, House of Brutes Vol 3 is not suitable for all audiences. It is intended for mature readers who are 18 years old or older. It is also intended for readers who are open-minded and tolerant of different sexual orientations and practices.

How many volumes are there in House of Brutes?

There are three volumes in House of Brutes. The first volume was published in 2016, the second volume in 2018, and the third volume in 2023.

What are some other works by Gengoroh Tagame?

Some other works by Gengoroh Tagame include The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame (a collection of his short stories), Pride (a historical drama set in feudal Japan), My Brother's Husband (a family drama about a gay widower who visits his brother's family in Japan), Our Colors (a slice-of-life story about a gay couple who adopt a child), Endless Game (a thriller about a kidnapped businessman), Gunji (a sci-fi story about a cyborg soldier), Do You Remember Me? (a romance about a man who reunites with his childhood friend), and The Contracts of the Fall (a fantasy story about a man who makes a deal with the devil).

How can I learn more about Gengoroh Tagame?

You can learn more about Gengoroh Tagame by visiting his official website, his Twitter account, his Instagram account, or his Facebook page. You can also watch some interviews and documentaries featuring him, such as Queer Japan, The World of Gengoroh Tagame, and The Art of Gay Manga. 71b2f0854b


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