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Stuck At Home

This song parody generally serves as a public service announcement for the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, in which people are confined to their homes in an attempt to slow down the rate of the virus's victims.

Stuck at Home

For the first half of the song, the Greens are annoyed at the prospect of being stuck at home and sing their protests at what they're forced to do, while in the second half, they resolve to do the best they can and stay strong together.

Welcome to Stuck at Home Science! When you're stuck at home, come here to continue your child's science learning with easy-to-follow activities. This space is designed for families to explore, investigate and have fun learning together without leaving home. All activities use easy to find household supplies, and are appropriate for a variety of ages.

Conclusions: Findings highlight the importance of synchronous, text-based online platforms to enable LGBTQ youth to feel safe to seek support while at home. Given the potential for long-term physical distancing, concerted efforts are required to provide necessary resources and support for LGBTQ youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Say goodbye to your sad Quarantini. The home bar has taken centre stage as watering holes experience uncertainty the world over. But what do you put in the shaker when all you have at home is some vodka, a sad lemon and a few half-empty bottles of liqueur? Bartenders have turned to social media to share their recipes and tips, and some are even taking requests in real-time so we can all drink better while social distancing. Here are some thirst-quenching resources, whether you want to set up that virtual happy hour or simply want to pour yourself one.

The number of women in the workforce overtook men for a brief period earlier this year. But the uncomfortable truth is that in their homes, women are still fitting into stereotypical roles of doing the bulk of cooking, cleaning and parenting. It's another form of systemic inequality within a 21st century home that the pandemic is laying bare. Malte Mueller/fStop/Getty Images hide caption

But the uncomfortable truth is that in their homes, women are still fitting into stereotypical roles of doing the bulk of cooking, cleaning and parenting. It's another form of systemic inequality within a 21st century home that the pandemic is laying bare.

Originally, the idea of this convention formed through wanting to encourage more video formatted Homestuck content, as the medium was a very regular way of people finding out about the comic in the first place.

However, Stuck At Home Con has grown into something more. Now, it serves as two things: An alternative for those who may not be able to experience the likes of a physical con due to circumstance, and to be a playful Saturday that celebrates the creativity of the Homestuck fandom and encourages positivity for the community.

Difficulty breathing is the most troubling symptom related to COVID-19, so you might want to order a home pulse oxygen monitor ("oximeter") to keep track of your blood oxygen levels, suggested Dr. Teresa Murray Amato, chairwoman of emergency medicine at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills in Queens, N.Y.

People in the early stages of COVID-19 might also want to talk with their doctor about receiving intravenous monoclonal antibody treatment, particularly if they're in a high-risk group, the doctors added. More information: The AARP has more about treating coronavirus symptoms at home. Copyright 2020 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

Plus, it found that people who ate home-cooked meals more than 5 times per week were 28% less likely to be overweight and 24% less likely to have excess body fat, compared with those who ate home-cooked meals less than 3 times per week (12).

Being stuck at home gives you more time to focus on healthy habits, including drinking enough fluids. Maintaining proper hydration is important for overall health and may help you prevent overeating related to stress.

At a time like this, self-care is absolutely crucial to your sanity. Although all of the things on this list qualify as a form of self-care, there are other forms of self-care as well. Yes, that can definitely include something like a face mask or an at-home pedicure or even a bubble bath but it can also include things like playing a video game online (bonus: You get to talk to people so it may be some much-needed socializing!), going to bed early, or even just cooking yourself something delicious (see #8). Check out our full list of self-care ideas for those in recovery here.

I recently went on vacation and left my apple TV unplugged. When I returned I plugged it back in and turned it on and it is stuck on a menu screen with only a home sharing and settings icon. When I select home sharing and try to log in it tells me it is unable to sign in. Although I know the home sharing username/password is correct because it worked on my computer. When I go to network and select network and try to log into my itunes it says can not connect to itunes store. Again, I know this is the right password because it works on my computer. I have also tried connecting it by ethernet and nothing changed. I also got the same response when I tried to test the network with the ethernet. I can still airplay to the apple tv though when it's on wifi. I googled the problem and tried everything but nothing has worked.

I am having this exact problem. Went on vacation and disconnected my Apple TV. I am now back and I cannot get by the Home Sharing / Settings menu. I also did all of the above test (resetting / restoring /etc). I have 3 other Apple TVs. All working fine. Only the one that was disconnected for about 2 weeks is stuck. Any solutions yet? 041b061a72


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