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Welcome to the Historic Stanchfield Baptist Cemetery! Established in 1876, traveling through our beautiful cemetery is like taking a stroll through history.

Our cemetery is the burial ground of many of the very first people from Sweden who settled in and around Stanchfield. Most of them left their home country because of religious persecution by their State Church. Some were imprisoned for their beliefs, others threatened with death. They made their homes in the Stanchfield area as they cleared land for farming and started Stanchfield Baptist Church.

We are thankful to God for giving us this beautiful reminder of our heritage, and place where we can go and remember the lives of loved ones who are now home with the Lord.

For more information about the cemetery and plot availability and pricing, contact the SBC Sexton, Robert Betsinger, at (320)396-2052.

To see a full listing of people who have been buried in our Cemetery, and view their plot location, or to go on a self-guided tour of our cemetery click the appropriate link below!



Please observe the following rules in order to facilitate the care and maintenance of the cemetery:

1. No ground planted flowers are allowed.

2. All annual plants must be planted in planters that are supported by a single rod.

3. All fall/winter decorations must be removed by March 1 in preparation for spring cleanup.

4. All artificial flowers and moveable items including Memorial Day decorations must be taken away by June 15.

5. All burials must be arranged with the permission of the cemetery committee.

6. Permission must be granted prior to any cement work or permanent installations.

7 Admittance to the cemetery is during daylight hours only.

We appreciate your cooperation. With any questions please call our sexton, Robert Betsinger (320)396-2052.

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