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Where To Buy Quality Christmas Lights

Before you get the ladder out, take a photo of your home and plan where you want to hang your lights. Printing out a photo to draw on will also help you visualize how many lights you need. On your roof, you can take advantage of peaks and overhangs and on the porch, you can use railings and columns. Take note of where the power outlets are outside of your home so you can figure out the best places to start the light-hanging project.

where to buy quality christmas lights

Here at Christmas Designers, we've champion the use of professional grade Christmas lights for all decoration enthusiasts. Whether you're a home or business decorator, pro grade lights offer a lot of hassle-free benefits over retail grade lights that you may not be aware of. Also referred to as commercial grade lights, pro Christmas lights are not typically available at your big box retailers. Until you shop with a pro supplier like us, you may have never seen or witnessed the wonderful quality that pro grade Christmas lights provide. We're here to offer a glimpse into the primary differences between pro grade and retail grade lights.

In fact, pro-grade bulbs are rated to last for an astounding 75,000 hours - far longer than a typical light set is likely to be in use.Higher-Grade ComponentsAll of the components that go into the manufacture of LED lights are available in a wide range of quality and price. Every LED light manufacturer must decide whether to focus on quality or price. Those that choose to focus upon quality will select the higher-grade, more expensive components for pro grade lights.

  • It's a matter not only of durability but also quality. The difference in the visual quality of the diodes used in the manufacture of LED bulbs can often be quite apparent.

  • Full-Wave RectifiedAll LED lights cycle on and off many times per second. Full-wave lights cycle on and off twice as fast as half-wave lights. That can make a considerable impact on the visual quality of the lights. All pro grade lights are full-wave lights.

  • DurabilityOn average, you can reasonably expect pro grade lights to last for around 6 to 8 years - more than long enough to defray the extra cost of the lights on a per-season basis.

  • Christmas Designer's Pro-Grade WarrantyWe offer a full 3-season warranty on all of our pro grade lights.

Retail Grade LED Christmas LightsBulb and Lens DesignRetail grade lights are manufactured with a two-piece design. That means that you can remove the bulb as needed to replace the LED diode.

  • But that's a good-news/bad-news scenario because you're far more likely to need to replace failed diodes on retail grade lights. And the two-piece design tends to allow water and debris to seep into the socket - a common cause of failure with retail grade lights.

Lower-Grade ComponentsAs noted above, manufacturers choose high-quality (but more expensive) components for pro grade bulbs. And conversely, manufacturers select the cheapest components for retail grade bulbs to keep prices down.

  • The cheaper components do result in a payoff for the consumer in the form of lower initial purchase prices. But those low-cost components also tend to fail much sooner than the pricier components used in pro grade bulbs. And there can also be a noticeable difference in visual quality.

Half-Wave RectifierRetail grade lights cycle on and off half as frequently as pro grade lights. It makes a difference in the visual quality, often noticed as an obvious flickering in retail grade lights. And some people even experience headaches from the flickering apparent in half-wave rectified retail grade lights.

Now for some products, buying cheap and getting cheap is fine. Works out great for everyone involved. But not for LED Christmas lights. For LEDs to live up to their promises of longevity and unprecedented beauty, they must be manufactured to the highest standards and that's not what you get from the manufacturers that sell cheap to the big-box stores. One of the many advantages we offer our customers is the assurance that we'll only source products from the top manufacturers. And even so, we constantly monitor the quality of the products we're buying from those manufacturers.So you can be assured that the lights you buy from us are the finest on the market. That's why the lights you buy from us today will still be part of your Christmas display years down the road. And your frustrated neighbor who buys from the big-box stores? He'll likely be working on his second, third, fourth sets of lights - if he didn't learn his lesson along the way. And in the end, who do you think will actually spend less on Christmas lights? Yep, that'd be you.

6. Buying Cheap: For years we attempted to sell both retail grade and professional grade Christmas lights. Our reasoning was that we wanted something for everyone. Our goal was to be a one-stop-shop, whether someone wanted a cheap light set or a true professional quality light set. However, within a few years of offering both, we realized trying to be everything to everyone was not working. The percentage of complaints we received for the retail grade light sets was more than 20 times higher than what we received on pro-grade lights. Our reputation was suffering and we knew the only acceptable course of action was to discontinue offering anything other than top quality, professional Christmas lights.

The bottom line is: don't buy retail quality, cheap light sets. As our own experience in trying to sell these types of lights has shown, most people are not happy with what they get and they are simply throwing their money away. Also, avoid the supposed commercial or professional sets that retail stores put in pretty boxes and load up with false advertising claims. Truly pro-grade lights don't come in fancy packaging. Pro installers don't want the trash and waste from all the cardboard and promo packaging and neither should you. A good quality light set doesn't need all of that fluff in order to be sold to quality-minded customers.

Consumers wanting quality lights will need to shop places other than the local discount store. LED Christmas lights win out over incandescents for durability, safety, energy efficiency, and long term cost effectiveness.

Recycling programs are available for lights that are old or faulty. Companies that have concern for environmental issues will see that the products sent are of a high quality and not ready for the landfill after a short use. They will also offer recycling programs for any of your previous lights, no matter where you bought them.

When searching for options for quality LED Christmas lights, look for retailers whose suppliers have exemplary work conditions. These suppliers have willingly gone through an extensive process to demonstrate a positive work environment and work relationships. They meet FLA compliance.

I purchased some spendy but pretty lights at the department store. The installer warned me: not good quality! But, stubborn me, I went ahead with the installation and two days later regretted it because despite the claims on the box and inserts these were neither long lasting or outdoor quality. I returned the lights, and Santa's Christmas Lights were able to sell me enough QUALITY lights and quickly install them so we weren't dark this season. Grateful, satisfied, and highly recommend their service and expertise. Book early to avoid disappointment - plugem in later.

City Hall comes alive for the holiday season as the western façade of the historic building lights up with stunning technicolor projections that are synchronized to sound effects during the nightly (and free!) Deck The Hall Light Show. The must-see lighting display kicks off at the top of the hour at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. each night. The show is just one of the winter pop ups that abound at Dilworth Park each holiday season, where strings of lights also illuminate trees and shine overhead the Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink, the Wintergarden on the Greenfield Lawn, the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market and the Rothman Orthopedics Cabin.

It appears that there is no manufacturer of Christmas lights anywhere in the USA. Several things happened that affected the manufacturing of Christmas lights in the USA. First, in the 1950s aluminum Christmas trees became a huge trend. Do to the conductivity of aluminum, electric Christmas lights could not be strung on these trees. This started a decrease in the demand for Christmas lights. Second, depending on your age, you might remember the Christmas lights of the past that were made in the USA. They were glass, large, required a lot of power, and they could get very hot to the touch. In the 1960s a cheaper to make and less energy sucking mini light was invented. Over the next 30 years, American manufacturers of Christmas lights struggled to compete with the cheaper to make lights coming from overseas. In the late 1990s LED lighting was introduced. There are currently no manufacturers of LED lighting in the USA.

Christmas by Carlisle Bubble Lights are heirloom quality Christmas lights that reflect the beloved nostalgic design. They are constructed of the finest materials ever used in a commercial application. Bubble Lights are made in the USA, assembled and shipped from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to festive lighting direct and santas christmas lighting warehouse. The largest retailer of power saving led christmas lights in australia. Where the prices are genuinely low. Up to to 75% off everything site wide.

This year will bring an even larger dose of holiday cheer. Of course, there are essential annual holiday activities like Zoo Lights and the light show at Constellation Field. However, a few new additions have caught our eye this season, like the Marriott Marquis' Texas Winter Lights, where you can float in the heated pool and gaze upon thousands of twinkling lights, or Lightscape, returning this year with a new, Texas-themed bluebonnet installation. There's plenty to see in Houston this holiday season, and we've curated a list of the best places to see some holiday magic. 041b061a72


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