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Shampoo Subtitles English

Can I use this on natural, non-colored hair? Our products were designed to maintain hair that has been color treated. The hair needs to have porosity for the color to be deposited. Will it color gray hair? No, our No Fade Fresh color shampoos and conditioners will not cover grey hair or regrowth. Can I use this on blonde hair? It is not recommended for use on blonde hair. What hair types is this best for? No Fade Fresh color shampoos and conditioners work well with all hair types and textures including straight, wavy or curly, course or fine, thick or thin hair.Have More Questions? Click Here

Shampoo subtitles English

Work a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into a lather between palms. Apply to wet hair and massage into scalp, starting at the nape of your neck, and work the lather through ends. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with your favorite Virtue Conditioner.

Does this work the same as a purple shampoo? Unlike a purple shampoo that just masks the warmth, Silver Platinum truly corrects, reducing the unwanted yellow in your hair. To eliminate even more warmth, repeat shampoo. Can I use this on my highlighted hair? Yes! Silver Platinum is the perfect solution to give you beautiful icy highlights. Can I use this on natural, non-colored hair? Our products were designed to maintain hair that has been color treated. The hair needs to have porosity for the color to be deposited. What hair types is this best for? No Fade Fresh color shampoos and conditioners work well with all hair types and textures including straight, wavy or curly, course or fine, thick or thin hair.Have More Questions? Click Here

Best toning shampoo on the market, and an excellent shampoo overall. My long, un-colored hair is naturally grey and very pretty by itself but No Fade Fresh definitely enhances it. I use a combination of Icy Silver Platinum and Lavendar and get compliments daily!

Best shampoo for platinum/silver hair. Purple shampoo is not good for my porous hair, but No Fade Fresh leaves no trace of blue behind. Just beautiful color and shine. I am so happy I found No Fade Fresh.

Icy silver platinum shampoo is great not sure how often you should use it. I shampooed my yellow blond hair and it neutralized it and was body building to my very thin and fine hair I just went platinum and will use it to keep it icy

I personally loved this product much more than my usual purple shampoo. I have gray hair that leans platinum, and and can easily get dingy looking. This shampoo was fantastic and I loved that it was more blue toned than purple, so it definitely helped me keep my grey hair looking fresh. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because it did seem to really dry out my hair, I would recommend using a deep conditioner after. I have including before an after pictures, it seemed to work great even just after one use!

I tried first time no fade platinum color depositing shampoo, I was impressed that it made my color brighter and took out any yellowness I had from the blonde fading away. Definitely would be purchasing once I run out to keep it maintenance for blonde fresh color, using it once week and leaving color on for 5 minutes before rinsing out

Gently hose the affected area with plain water, then, apply a shampoo mix with a sponge. The mix should be 3-4 ounces of shampoo, diluted in a small water bucket (2 gallons). Leave the shampoo mix on your horse for at least 10 minutes so that it has time to work on the infection. Hose off and towel dry.

For particularly tough areas, such as the front of the cannon bones shown on this page, apply shampoo directly onto a wet sponge and massage it into the legs. Legs must be wet first. Leave sudsy shampoo in place for at least 10 minutes. Repeat daily until required result is achieved.

Indicated for use after chemical treatment as it stabilizes the pH of the hair. W.One 3-in-1 has three functions: it moisturizes, revitalizes and can be used as treatment without rinsing, can be used as post-shampoo, without rinsing and mask.

In an April 1998 interview with The A.V. Club that discussed both the series finale of "Seinfeld" and his theatrical screenwriting debut Sour Grapes, Larry David said, "Yeah, I doubt I'll go back to TV for a while, if ever. It doesn't seem like it. I think I'm pretty much done with it."Sixteen months later, HBO aired an hour-long mockumentary that would soon become the basis of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", the series that has occupied David ever since. The largely improvised, much-lauded comedy has cemented David as a small screen genius. His ventures into the world of feature film have been few and far between, and simply as an actor, not chief writer and executive producer as on "Curb."While HBO remains cautiously optimistic that David will bring "Curb" back for at least a ninth season when it suits him, the premium cable channel was happy to work with him in the meantime on a rare one-off creative venture. Along with his "Seinfeld" and "Curb" collaborators Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer, David wrote and produced the TV movie Clear History.David also fills the lead role, his first in a feature since Woody Allen's 2009 New York comedy Whatever Works. Sporting a hairdo and beard that make Jeff Lebowski look kempt, David is Nathan Flomm, a marketing wizard in on the ground floor of Electron Motors, a San Jose, California company working to develop an efficient electric car in 2003. The brains and CEO of the operation is Will Haney (Jon Hamm), whose decision to name the new car Howard after his young son runs afoul of Flomm. So disgusted by the name, Flomm chooses to quit and sell back his 10% stake in the company, which is soon to go public.Though he regrets that move the following day and apologizes to Hanley, what's done is done. While the Howard becomes a tremendous success, Flomm loses his wife and his home. Even his long, shaggy hair starts to fall out while the media reports that his decision cost him $1 billion in stocks based on the company's astronomical value.We jump ahead ten years to the present day and learn that Flomm has reinvented himself as Rolly DaVore, a caregiver on Martha's Vineyard. There, Rolly has plenty of friends, the type that throw him a surprise birthday party at a local diner. Nobody knows of Rolly's embarrassing past, and how would they, for his clean-shaven, balding white-haired self bears little resemblance to the blunderer who made the news a decade earlier. Rolly's peaceful island existence threatens to come tumbling down when who should move to the Vineyard but Will Haney. Haney doesn't recognize Rolly, mistaking him for a mover. Inspired by the film adaptation of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead (the source of that career-changing name), Rolly hatches a plan for vengeance. With the help of his friend Frank (Danny McBride), Frank's contact, the cantankerous Joe Stumpo (a barely recognizable, friendly mutton-chopped Michael Keaton) and his slow-witted assistant Rags (Bill Hader), Rolly decides to blow up the Blue Heron, the mansion that the loaded Haney and his trophy wife Rhonda (Kate Hudson) are renovating over community concerns.Rolly lands a job on the project's construction team, by cashing in a return favor from the foreman (Philip Baker Hall), but instead of building, he is secretly planning to demolish when the Haneys are not at home. Rolly considers changing the plan to something different and more personal when he detects a romantic connection between him and Rhonda.Clear History is basically a feature-length "Curb Your Enthusiasm." David isn't playing a version of himself, asking celebrity friends to do the same, or recycling his favorite public domain music cues. But the sharp writing and improvisation-driven performances closely resemble "Curb." There are also about as many laughs as the three episodes this movie would fill.Minus the insidery Los Angeles stuff and long-term character histories, the humor is very similar. Rolly is just as picky and stubborn as the character of Larry David. Here, he objects to a diner placing their silverware directly on the table, hidden electrical outlets you have to bend down to reach, a woman who only shampoos her hair weekly, and oncoming cars on a narrow road that expect him to back up even though they've clearly got a closer clearance.The attention to everyday minutiae that made David such a perfect fit for translating Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up act into an unusually creative, complex, and quotable sitcom still amuses even as David shares the screen with actors unseasoned in his current approach to comedy (which includes everyone in the cast but J.B. Smoove). David's success in television is legendary enough that he probably had no difficulty assembling this deeply talented cast, which also includes Academy Award nominee Amy Ryan as Rolly's ex-girlfriend (the target of a running mystery involving the band Chicago), Eva Mendes, sporting a ridiculous Cuban accent and an obesity backstory, and an entertaining, uncredited Liev Schreiber as a Chechnyan resource.As successful as their dramatic movies are at competing for and winning Emmy awards, HBO rarely makes comedy movies. If Clear History is to be recognized (and I kind of doubt that), it will have to wait until 2014 to become eligible. On Tuesday, the movie hits DVD. It also hits Blu-ray, a format that "Curb" has never seen, with a digital copy in the edition reviewed here. VIDEO and AUDIOThe 1.78:1 widescreen picture is outstanding, looking as sharp, pristine, and vibrant as any Blu-ray. The 5.1 DTS-HD master audio soundtrack isn't quite as breathtaking, but it presents the film-driving dialogue and occasional Chicago needle drop with no complications whatsoever.BONUS FEATURES, MENUS, PACKAGING and DESIGNClear History's only extra is a digital copy, downloadable in iTunes and UltraViolet formats with the directions and unique redemption code found inside the unslipcovered blue keepcase.The disc opens with a trailer for We're the Millers, which for me it followed with a streamed promo for HBO movies and miniseries.The menu cleverly uses the same computer interface design from the creative opening and closing credits, with listings placed atop a very "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-esque selection of clips from the movie. The BD doesn't support bookmarks or resume playback.CLOSING THOUGHTSIf you're a fan of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", chances are that you'll find Clear History a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good movie in the same vein. It's a funny outlet for the plentiful wit of Larry David, his trusted collaborators, and the game, talented supporting cast. While HBO's Blu-ray is barebones, it features great picture and sound. More importantly, the movie it holds is recommended viewing.Support this site when you buy Clear History now from with Digital Copy / DVD 041b061a72


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