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PUBG New State: Everything You Need to Know About the Second Alpha Test

Therefore, players can expect the registrations for the alpha test to commence shortly. Meanwhile, the released video mentions that the tests will only be available in the United States for Android devices.

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From Uptodown, you can download PUBG: New State for Android. Here you will find both the latest update of the game and the previous versions so that you can download the APK you are most interested in.

Many players enjoyed the next big mobile Battle Royale experience with the PUBG: New State closed alpha back in June. They explored the new map, Troi 2051 and played with the best weapons. Krafton's near-futuristic title, set in 2051, is nearing its late-September, early October expected release window, with over 20 million players already pre-registered. Before we get to the full release, there's a second PUBG: New State alpha to enjoy. If you can't download it via Google PlayStore, we've got Android users covered with the APK and OBB download links for the latest version of PUBG: New State, and a quick guide on how to install it.

Updated August 28, 2021: PUBG New State Second Alpha Test Pre Downloads are now live. Get the latest PUBG New State APK + OBB here with the latest build Today, Krafton released a 2nd alpha test patch for game crash and login fix.

PUBG Corp announced a brand new game called PUBG: NEW STATE. This is a mobile-exclusive game that is a sequel to the extremely popular PUBG Mobile game. While the New State pre-registrations have already begun via Google Play Store and soon for the Apple App Store, Krafton just announced the second alpha test for the Asian and MENA region including Turkey as well.

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The first PUBG New State alpha test rolled out for the United States back in June. The alpha test was available only for a couple of days and several players already tried the default map called Troi. The second alpha is reported to have the original Erangle map, but revamped for PUBG New State.

Krafton is in full force right now as the PUBG New State alpha testing site is up. The upcoming PUBG New State alpha registration has officially begun starting with the United States. The developers also put out a cinematic trailer for the same asking the users to sign up today. Here we have made a tutorial on how to successfully register for the PUBG New State mobile game if you are in the United States.

A new PUBG New State 2nd alpha HotFix update is now rolling out today with some critical bug fixes and in-game crashes. Following several feedbacks and bug reports from users, the game developers are now taking action for server stability, game crash, and login fix. So download and install the latest PUBG New State Second Alpha patch 2 with version

In July 2021, Krafton reported that the game surpassed 20 million pre-registrations on Google Play alone.[11] On 28 August the alpha testing concluded after running in 28 countries, and the developers implemented improvements and fixes based on feedback from participating users.[12][13] In September 2021, after pre-registration opened for iOS, the game surpassed more than 50 million pre-registrations combined on both Google Play and the App Store.[14]

PUBG New State close alpha test has been opened in the US already. Players who pre-ordered this game and were chosen to experience PUBG New State can download the alpha test version now. Check out how to play PUBG New State in India here.

PUBG New State pre-register link is not available in some countries, including India. Therefore, Indian gamers cannot download and play the PUBG New State Alpha test at the moment. Moreover, players using VPN tools, emulators, or any other tricks to pre-register PUBG New State are restricted, according to a PUBG New State community admin.

Although gamers in India cannot experience the official test version of this new game, they can download the APK file to play it. Some third parties have released the APK version of the close alpha test to allow unlucky players to experience and enjoy the new game of Krafton. The APK and OBB files are also free to download and install although it's not a legal method to enjoy this game.

There are only two maps in the close alpha test, including Troi and Training Mode. The city Troi is the only battle royale mode at the moment. It also features two perspective modes: TPP and FPP. In terms of team mode, you can choose one of three modes: solo, classic squad, and team-up squad.

A new state of the art android version of PUBG Mobile is launched by KRAFTON called PUBG New State Alpha Test Apk. There different key features including Vehicles and Maps are added inside. To experience this new beta version please download it from here.

If we mentioned the prior versions of PUBG then those are still fully managed by Tencent. But when we talk about this new state alpha beta gaming application. Then this application is fully managed by PUBG Studio including KRAFTON.

Krafton Inc. is celebrating today that over 25 million people have pre-registered for PUBG: New State, as the game is setting up a second alpha. The second Alpha Test will take place Aug. 27th-29th as they are expanding the scale and content following the first one in June. Those eligible and interested in participating in this new test can apply until August 23rd at the link above.

Those eager to join the fight can view the announcement trailer here and pre-register today on Google Play, with App Store pre-orders coming at a later date. Players can also look forward to PUBG: NEW STATE alpha tests coming later this year. For the latest information, please visit or follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

As you would expect, Krafton is slowly trickling out information for PUBG: New State, and so the studio has just released a trailer today that announces a closed alpha test will take place in the US on Android devices in the next couple of days. Of course, the studio didn't mention an actual date, which means we can expect another announcement fairly soon. So basically, the above video serves as an announcement for an upcoming announcement, and so the trickling of information will more than likely continue until everyone is sick of hearing about this game, just like the current version of PUBG. So stay tuned, as this story will assuredly drag on for months to come, and perhaps as we inch closer to the official release Krafton will find the courage to show the game in action.

Two days ago, Krafton released a video stating that alpha testing for PUBG: New State would begin in the US soon, and today we've learned that this alpha will start on June 11th, plus there's a fresh new trailer available to coincide with today's announcement, but just like the rest it's also a cinematic.

Krafton is looking to receive feedback from players during this short alpha, which will ideally be used to ensure the game is released in an acceptable state. While we still don't know when the official release will take place, Krafton will assuredly trickle out new info, so stay tuned.

Just like the last closed alpha, feedback during testing will be used to improve the game. What's new is that broader support for devices is expected with the launch of the second alpha, which means more Android device support along with the first appearance of the alpha on iOS. Keep in mind registration starts today, so if you'd like to take the game for a spin in your respective closed alpha territory during the two days it will be available, you can sign up on the official PUBG: New State website. And if you're curious to see what you should expect, you can check out my gameplay video that I recorded during the last alpha.

Krafton isn't the first to work on a high-resolution version of his popular Battle Royale game. Earlier this year, Garena released Free Fire Max, a high-definition version of its popular Free Fire title that comes with improved graphics and animations. Now, Krafton is conducting PUBG New State alpha testing with some players, and access is granted in phases.

In India, Krafton announced pre-registrations for players in September. While players have already pre-registered for PUBG New State, some have been granted access to early testing. If you've been granted access to alpha testing on iOS and wondering how to download and play the game, here's what to do, thanks to a fix spotted by RM Update.

4. After the game is downloaded, check the App Library or home screen for the new icon to start playing. Since you are in alpha testing, you should only be able to access it while the test window is open; these details are regularly shared on the Krafton website.

Aloha Vicigers! Player Unknown's Battleground aka PUBG: New State is now ready to take place alpha tests both in several parts of the Asian Continent, which of course includes Indonesia after 'dropping by' in Uncle Sam's country, aka the United States, last June.

If in June then Krafton became game developers decided to focus more with alpha tests a first for the fans PUBG: New state in the United States, now is the time for them to switch to a larger market share, namely to the eastern part of the world as shown in the following distribution map.

Different from alpha tests the former which only the device can initially support Androids, alpha tests these two can be followed by both devices, either Androids nor iOS. But sadly, Krafton just opened limited edition from alpha tests secondly, alias this event will be held on a limited basis.


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